And another big deal completed -- in this case by Benfica, selling Gonçalo Guedes to Paris Saint-Germain for €30 million plus up to €7m on a future sell-on fee.

However much we at PortuGOAL trumpet Portuguese football, is it undeniably one of Europe’s lower-profile leagues, so how come it plays such a prominent role in the global transfer market and commands such high fees for its best players?

“How is it possible? Portuguese football is at the level of the best in Europe,” says Portuguese agent Nuno Correia, owner of NCfoot, a Portuguese agency. “Proof of this is we have the best player in the world, Portugal are European Champions, we have the best coach in the world and we have the most important agent in the world.”

Writing for ESPN, Tom Kundert explores the many contributing factors that have converged to make Portugal the perfect stage to breed, attract, develop and sell footballers of above-average calibre.

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  • Guest - Danny

    Benfica selling homegrown Gonçalo Guedes,Sivla,Gomes,Sanches etc the heart of the club so early to earn extra money cant be good for overall business if they want to be a global brand. Benfica have said" in Portugal you have to sell to compete in Europe" TV deals, socio, sponsors ,and champions league add up to huge sums....were is the money going????

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  • Guest - George


    Great article as usual...would you say that players originating from places like Cape Verde and Guinea-Bissau have contributed to the league's and national team's success?

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  • George,

    Thank you very much. To answer your question, absolutely no doubt about it. Just from the Euro 2016 and current squad: Danilo and Eder were born in Guinea-Bissau, Nani and Gelson Martins born in Cape Verde, Eliseu's mother is Cape Verdean, as are the parents of Renato Sanches, William was born in Angola, João Mário has Angolan parents... That's off the top of my head - I've probably missed one or two.

    It's been like that through the history of the Seleção, right back to two of the greatest of them all: Eusébio & Coluna, who were both born in Mozambique.

    It's a very good point and one I should have included in the article as Portugal tapping into its former colonies is another factor that explains its success at producing top talents. This is even before we start talking about Brazil.

    A good topic for a future article!

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