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Monday, 20 June 2011 09:29

Andre Villas-Boas leaves Porto for Chelsea

London club pay big for 33-year-old coach

Andre Villas BoasChelsea CrestIt was reported on Monday morning in Portugal that Chelsea had contracted FC Porto coach Andre Villas-Boas.

The London club are willing to pay the release clause of 15 million euros and have offered a huge-money contract to entice Jose Mourinho’s former assistant (at Chelsea among other clubs) to Stamford Bridge. 

Article update
The news hit FC Porto like a bombshell. Andre Villas-Boas had repeated on several occasions that he intended to remain at the Estadio do Dragao for the coming season in order to lead his home-town team into the Champions League. But all indications suggest Roman Abramovich has been successful in his attempts to persuade the 33-year-old to take on the challenge of seeking Champions League glory at the helm of the London team instead.
’s only reaction to the news as yet has been to inform the Portuguese Stock Market that it has not received the 15 million euro release clause that will free Villas-Boas from his current contract.
With no further official statements from either Porto or Chelsea, the Portuguese press is rife with rumours surrounding the deal this morning (Tuesday). Several media outlets state he is to receive a salary of 5 million euros a year.

Most of the sports papers also speculate Villas-Boas wants to take striker Falcao and midfielder Joao Moutinho with him to Stamford bridge.
It subsequently emerged that Villas-Boas sent a fax to FC Porto resigning as head coach, stating that he is to pay the buyout clause himself and that there is no going back on his decision. 

Porto responded to the fax quickly, officially informing the Portuguese Stock Market that it had received the resignation request and that the "contract would be rescinded upon payment of the amount stipulated therein", i.e. the 15 million euro release clause. 

Article update
Later on Tuesday FC Porto officially announced that Vitor Pereira has been appointed the new first-team coach on a two-year contract. Pereira joined Porto last summer as an assistant to Andre Villas-Boas. He was previously the coach at second-tier Santa Clara, narrowly missing out on promotion to the top flight in two successive seasons.

Pereira said: "Andre did a superb job here and I thank him, but I was also part of that success. This team will continue to win and can still grow more." 

FC Porto has also officially announced that it has received the release clause of 15 million euros, stating that the money was paid by Andre Villas-Boas himself. 
by Tom Kundert
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Comments (77)
77 Thursday, 23 June 2011 00:19
This article isn't true! AVB did go to Chelsea that's true but AVB didn't help pay for the buy out clause! Chelsea payed everything ! And I wish the best of luck to AVB!
how we'll cope
76 Wednesday, 22 June 2011 18:43
with perreira as our new manager there might be more of a chance of us keeping our key players simply because of his relationship with them and the way he knows them. i do expect perreira to go by the same style as villas boas. nice attacking football but more importantly is does he have what it take to lead us to the same sucsess as villas boas. well wait and see .hopefully well have a great run in the CL
It's Not all Bleak. At Least For Porto
75 Wednesday, 22 June 2011 13:58
For me the biggest question is how AVB at 33 years old will be able to get through to this Chelsea squad.
It's a very clique team, with Terry being the biggest problem. It was Terry that went to Abram in regards to releasing Mourinho. Drogba was not part of that group.
Abram wants to keep an experienced senior laden squad, but that could prove to be a problem. Scolari never got any respect from the players, and Hiddink did more so due to Abram than anything else. Even Ancelotti was enable to make certain onfield decisions. He tried to replace Terry and couldn't. He also didn't ask for Torres.
This could become an expensive venture for Chelsea, but overall AVB will come out ok. He will cash in (3 year deal was imperative) and be able to move elsewhere without many problems. Yes, big squads might shy away, but he's cashed in so a rebuild isn't out of the question. Especially at his age.

As for Porto, they have been able to retool fairly quickly. I don't think that they would lose as many players as its been mentioned. If they do sell it will be at a premium which should allow a quick fix.
As much as Pereira is an unknown, he does have experience with the players. A very smart choice if you ask me.

In the short run, this will definately hurt Porto, but not as badly as Braga was hurt by Paciencia's departure. Porto has the finances to pull through. It also helps that Porto gets the automatic CL Group Stage spot, which will allow the manager time to settle in before european play begins.
ol' Chelsea
74 Wednesday, 22 June 2011 11:25
They'll just do whatever it takes to win the elusive CL crown won't they? This will certainly give them a better chance as AVB is a great tactician, but as others have pointed out, they are in need of an entire squad overhaul. I think this particular group of players has proven year in and year out that they lack the resolve to win when it counts. They have been desperately unlucky with managers since Mourinho left but I still don't see them getting to that next level with the likes of Terry, Lampard, Drogba, Anelka, etc....
I think this move really helps level the playing field next season even more. Sporting are going to be back in the race and Benfica will want revenge, and now Porto have lost their best coach since Mourinho left. Luckily for Porto, they still have great talent, unless AVB decides to "raid the pantry" so to speak.

Like many others, I'm pretty shocked that he just took off like that and I hope it doesn't come back to get him. This move could be both good and bad for Portuguese football. If he succeeds at Chelsea, then it's a good thing, however Porto might have challenged for the CL next season and might not stand a chance now so that would obviously be a step back. I just don't want to see him get eaten alive by Roman Abramovich. This could be the next step in what turns out to be a brilliant career for him, or the point where it all went wrong for AVB. I hope it's the former.
Normal step in progression.
73 Wednesday, 22 June 2011 08:28
This is a little hard on Fc Porto but they will be fine. Porto's institution is accostomed to success and change and they always continue to achieve more success, so i don't thing the fans have too much to worry about. This is a great move for Villas-Boas and a great move for Portuguese football altogether. I'm betting that Joao Moutinho will go to Chelsea as they desperately need more technique skill and vision in center midfield. Moutinho is world class and would be great there! I bet Hulk would also go, he would be a HUGE hit in the premier league with his strength speed skill powerful shots and goals! Heck if Chelsea get rid of Drogba and Anelka they would another striker so Falcao could very well move with them too! Chelsea is going to be a fearsome team this coming season!
AVB Backstabber
72 Wednesday, 22 June 2011 02:30
What a joke this clown iaves, he is not a true Portista no class at all says he is going to stay to make a run at next years Champions and then runs away.. Andre will not win anything in the Premier League and he will be without a JOB by MIDSEASON. FCPORTO is bigger then the BLUES who has never won a CL. Viva FCPORTO the biggest in PORTUGAL always. Mr Robson must be rocking in his grave
Domigos Pacienca
71 Wednesday, 22 June 2011 02:14
Hi guys. I have been visiting this site and following the reviews and articles for the past year and i must say i am very impressed. I support Benfica but living so far away i tend to support any team from Portugal. I think this is a great move for Andre Vilas Boas but i would like to get your expert opinions on who do you think will leave with him, Hulk or Falcao or both? and how many other players will go. I must admit though i haven't heard much about Pereira the new coach but im sure hes all class. Cant help but think that if Cheasea had of acted earlier then Domingos Pacienca might have gone to Porto but who knows
70 Tuesday, 21 June 2011 23:53
"but I highly respect that part of the clubs history and it makes me mad to see someone trying to make those lies real by writing them over and over"

He reminds me of someone
69 Tuesday, 21 June 2011 23:37
LeBron James?
Too much too soon
68 Tuesday, 21 June 2011 21:59
While i don't doubt AVB's talent, i think Chelsea are the wrong club for him . Just take a look at how many managers Roman has gone through in his quest to capture his Holy Grail of winning the Champions League .

Just like all Chelsea managers he'll always be compared to Mourinho in the UK media regardless if he's doing well or badly.

Good luck AVB you're going to need it
Good stuff VB
67 Tuesday, 21 June 2011 21:01
Talk about following in the footsteps of your master...Villas-Boas is replicating Mourinho's career to a T, minus the Champions League he would have obviously won if he had stayed on another season (right). Anyway, this is a good move for Chelsea and I expect at least a couple of FCP players to move to Chelsea. If he can persuade the Russian oligarch to splash out huge for Hulk, Chelsea could be a serious force again. Falcao would be great. but Hulk would be a game changer. By going abroad VB will only add to Portugal's reputation for producing some of the best tacticians and players in the world. Boa sorte!
66 Tuesday, 21 June 2011 20:47
Please stop that Benfica/Salazar nonsense. Pick a sports history book and you'll see that Benfica openly opposed Salazar's regime. They are called reds not only because of their shirt colour.

I'm not a Benfica fan (in fact, I highly dislike the fact that our championship orbits around 3 teams; I'd rather have a more balanced and competitive championship like the german), but I highly respect that part of the clubs history and it makes me mad to see someone trying to make those lies real by writing them over and over.
we dont need a manger with two tongues
65 Tuesday, 21 June 2011 20:41
OK now we have a reason to win the champion's league.There is not any other big motivation factor than this for current players in the Porto squad to win.Show him what like to be a real portista.we dont need a manger with two tongues.
He didn't learn any thin from JM or Sir Bobby.They never upset fans never ever like this.OMG this is pathetic.shameless.I don't think any one should trust him any more.
64 Tuesday, 21 June 2011 19:59
I’ve been following this one very closely and all I can say is I’m shocked that AVB has pulled such a dirty move on his club/players. After all the BS talking he did to only hear that help payout his own buyout so he can jump ship to Chelsea shows his true stripes.

As much as I dislike Porto I can feel for their fans as this is a massive public slap in the face. After Benfica dominating the news headlines at the start of the summer, I expect to hear about the drama at Porto and what happens with these players that originally wanted to leave but stayed because of AVB. Those players must feel massively betrayed.
63 Tuesday, 21 June 2011 18:44
for those who think porto are down maybe but there light years a head scp benfica. and to chesea we have 2cl 2uefa cup 1super cup 1intercontintal cup.not 50 years will they match that with all there money eat shit chelsea
62 Tuesday, 21 June 2011 18:32
pdc needs to make a stand we still have deep squad now go out and get a big name even if its 1 or 2 years break the to get chelsea last coach and knock them out of chapions league that would my dream vivia porto.
Jorge Jesus to Porto- Not Happening
61 Tuesday, 21 June 2011 18:08
Mike Hamilton/Canada- Jorge Jesus will not be going to Porto and that's a guarantee. Although it's not because he wouldn't have been wanted because Pinto Da Costa tried snatching him from Braga when Benfica had almost secured his signature, but Jorge Jesus chose Benfica. Then after Benfica won the league PDC tried snatching him from Benfica again, but once again he chose Benfica. PDC is an admirer of JJ so it wouldn't be a surprise if they were interested at one point. Also for him to leave Benfica after they showed so much faith in him throughout this season and to keep him for next after this seasonvwould be disgraceful, kind of like how Villas Boas's exit from Porto was somewhat disgraceful because of the misleading he had done.

Also Porto have already chosen their new coach. It will be Villas Boas's assitant and former Santa Clara coach Vitor Perreira
60 Tuesday, 21 June 2011 18:03
This really sucks, I was looking forward to next year with this dominate team, especially the game against Barca. But what can you do? It's just unfortunate that the City of Porto, its fans, most of them being Northerners, have to deal with this pain year-in-year-out. I wish all the best to AVB, he's Portuguese, classy, and a great tactician of the game who will have a great history and source of pride for Portuguese people all over the world. But today, and for some time (until the wound heals) he is not a Portista as he has made clear in multiple interviews and press conferences. Don't say one thing and do another, not to the people who support you the most, especially Portuguese people.

Now moving on...I hope Vitor Pereira does a good job and maybe makes his own path. If he can not bring us titles then I think Machado would be a great replacement. We need to get a move on fast though, and I have full faith in PdC to do so. If Hulk wishes to leave goodbye, Falcao goodbye, Joao goodbye...have wonderful careers, you will be missed but FCP, undoubtedly being hurt this upcoming year will unite again and keep winning (since 1893). I just wish for the day Porto is compared to Real Madrid...but lately I'm thinking that will never happen, we just do things differently. Dragaoes will come and go, but Portistas will remain united only to winning.

Forca Porto!
Vitor Pereira
59 Tuesday, 21 June 2011 17:57
OK so its this guy.

Time will tell if he's the right man, but at least he knows the club well and will be familiar with the set up and the players.

I'm not sure about his credentials as a first team coach, but we'll see. At least we have acted quickly, very quickly. Hopefully not too quickly.
next Porto manager
58 Tuesday, 21 June 2011 17:34
What we can't have is another Del Neri/Fernandez/Adriaanse clueless clown.

I'd rather we look for someone who knows the Portuguese game well, as they have been managers who have traditionally done well with us. Sir Bobby was a one-off.

So no Dutch flops like Riijkaard or Van Basten please.

I'd really like us to go for Manuel Machado. The guy knows his stuff and has done a great job at Nacional & Guimaraes in recent years.
57 Tuesday, 21 June 2011 16:39
Really? I thought PDC was acquitted of ALL charges related to the scandal in 2009? But hey I can understand how you might want to taint all of Porto's accomplishments because of the scandal. After all, Benfica was top of the world when you had Salazar making it happen for you.
56 Tuesday, 21 June 2011 16:17
It's funny but I think that Porot would had a better chance at the Champions league than Chelsea despite having a grealty inferior budget. I think in the long run Villas Boas won't win anything at Chelsea
Jorge Jesus to Porto?
55 Tuesday, 21 June 2011 16:00
Websites in England, state that Porto are set to raid Benfica's closet and steal JJ as he has a 2.5 million euro release clause. Could you imagine? I doubt this would/will occur however that is the speculation. And knowing how Porto are fast to secure deals like the Falcao deal it would never surprise me.
Looking for work a job and available!
54 Tuesday, 21 June 2011 15:53
References upon request. Relocation to Porto not a problem.
Carlos Queroz
53 Tuesday, 21 June 2011 15:41
I was really looking forward to a good champions league run for Porto for the sake of our league. If AVB leaves, Falcao is likely to follow suit. Chelsea still needs to rebuild.. Drogba and Anelka are getting old and Torres is a flop. Falcao is in much better form.

Then you got Lampard who sucks nowadays.. this team wont match Man Utd for a while.

Porto has a strong group and though slight improvements can be made.. they dont really need any changes. They could probably beat Chelsea next year if AVB stayed. They would be the most favorited underdogs to win the whole thing.

I am curious to see how they'd do in the super cup vs. Barcelona in a couple months. I think one more year would have brought up the player values and coach.

But if they want to sell all they prized possessions like Benfica who could have been a force had they not sold everyone then so be it and get embarassed next year.
Screw AVB
52 Tuesday, 21 June 2011 15:36
Chelsea are in no way or form a bigger club than Porto. Richer yes but we have more European trophys than ALL London Clubs combined!
i want out
51 Tuesday, 21 June 2011 15:35
Get me on a plane to Porto....now!!
50 Tuesday, 21 June 2011 14:37
Nodoby wants to hire me? I am the Cathedratic of Football, the Master of Tactics, the Exterminator of Football.

1 euro? Anyone?
You were so close Miguel
49 Tuesday, 21 June 2011 14:22
Miguel, I was with you in regards to AVB's comments, but you went off the deap end when mentioning other clubs.

City is bigger than Porto, Benfica or Sporting? Historicaly, NO. They may have more money due to ownership, and are trying to build a historical club, but that hasn't happened yet. Let's just say that 2 CL trophies wouldn't get it done. That takes years to build. They may get/have immediate success, but not historical. Yet, anyway.

I am surprised of the money being dumped into so-so clubs with smaller followings. Zillionaires buying Blackburn (???), Malaga (???), and even City. Also don't dismiss QPR who was promoted to the Premiership.
By the way the City owner admits to buying them due to always picking them when he played Playstation. Crazy.

Please don't include Barca in the "Thank God" club list you made. They spend as much as any club in Europe. Just take a look. Milan spends a ton as well. Arsenal doesn't and their revenue has been dropping steadily.
Big clubs have to spend in order to make money. The guaranteed CL groups stage money, goes a long way.
By the way, the Glazers have done nothing but win at Man United. just because green and yellow scarves were sold, it only means someone else was profiting from stupidity.

I'm also glad that Portuguese players want to play in other leagues. It means that they are driven and want to be the best and grow. No I don't think that they all wanted to stay their whole careers in Portugal. And that's not a bad thing.
As Portuguese we should be proud at how far we've come as a footballing nation. We are highly respected and have great history. Just because we are a small nation of 10 mil (or so) and are a selling league, that does not makes us a joke. Be happy that other leagues/teams come looking for our players. If not, we would be nothing.
manager carousel?
48 Tuesday, 21 June 2011 14:22
If history has taught us nothing else, it is that Pinto da Costa is a shrewd (I'm being polite) businessman. I have to imagine that he knew that AVB was going to be courted heavily after this season, and, if he wanted Domingos to be the successor, that he would have been in contact with Domingos' camp to see whether he was interested--before Domingos actually signed with Sporting. As an example, there were press reports that linked AVB with Sporting before last season but that PdC "swooped in" and convinced him to stay at Academica (to wait for the Porto position to open up).

That leads me to the possibilities that either a) Porto never were interested in Domingos, or b) this really was a surprise to Porto and now they are left without a dance partner. I think option a) is more likely.

If the anticipated exodus from Porto goes forward, with some players being brought along by AVB and others going elsewhere, they are going to bring in huge transfer fees for Porto which will allow them to buy new players. Let's not fool ourselves that somehow this will be a lost season for Porto.
could be a big mistake
47 Tuesday, 21 June 2011 14:03
Sure there's nothing wrong with wanting a better job and earning more money but for someone who has only been managing for such a short period of time it is a big gamble.

If he does badly the media here will try and destroy him, and his reputation could be in tatters. Chelsea want instant success and if he doesn't deliver he will be looking for a new job soon. Because of his limited experience, not many big clubs will look at him if he fails at Chelsea, and he will have to rebuild his repuation at a smaller club.

If he stayed at Porto for another season he would have gained some CL experience, knowing he would only have to reach the quarter finals to maintain his reputation. But now if he only gets to the quarter finals with Chelsea, he could be out of work pretty quickly.

I reckon he'll be there for no longer than 2 years before he is sacked. This is Chelsea we are talking about, not Arsenal, where winning nothing for 6 years doesn't matter as long as you play pretty football.
We Would All Do The Same
46 Tuesday, 21 June 2011 13:53
Wow, I'm still very surprised if not outright shocked.
I get AVB leaving, for the money alone. His stock had a better chance of going down instead of up, after last season.
That being said, I was hoping that this Porto squad could have even improved and made a run at the CL.

I am also surprised that Chelsea, would go a pluck AVB from Porto, especially since he has no CL history to speak of. I know that Abram knows him, but you would have thought that Chelsea/Abram would have wanted someone with CL experience. Granted Ancelotti had it, and it wasn't good enough for Abram.

Chelsea is at a crossroads. Drogba is on his way out, Lamps has looked shot and Terry has been average at best. Those three have been the clubs spine and will need to be replaced which won't be easy due to popularity. I still think that Drogba is better than Torres, although he's older. And they clearly can't work together on the field.

This will be a blow to Porto, especially if Falcao leaves with AVB.
I do find it funny how quickly Porto fans have buried AVB.

Let me also add that they shoudln't dismiss the thought of Porto going out a snaging Paciencia from Sporting.
He may have signed a 2 year deal, but it has no buyout clause. That only means that Sporting would just be compensated somehow.
Does anyone else see Paciencia coming out and resigning from Sporting due to the incredible dream he couldn't pass up.
Not out of the question.
Villas BOMBA
45 Tuesday, 21 June 2011 13:49
As the old quote goes, "Money talks, and BS walks." So much for staying on as head coach huh AVB? I really thought Porto were going to keep pretty much the same squad for the upcoming season to make a good run in the CL, but with AVB going now it f*^ks everything up. Also what kind of Club would pay a team $21Mill just to get their coach? Thats pretty ridiculous if you ask me. What's even more ridiculous is hearing AVB would pay Porto the release clause if Chelsea are unable to do it. A real "Portista" wouldn't do that Villas-Boas. Anyways its amazing where this young coach is at in his life right now. I mean he went from managing the British Virgin Islands at only 21 to becoming Mourinho's assistant to managing Academica to fulfilling his dream of managing Porto and now his on the verge of joining a massive team like Chelsea. It's a big risk leaving one big Club in which you had so much success your first term to an even bigger Club in which the word patience is not used by the big boys running the Club. It seems like you must win either the EPL or CL to stay on as head coach. It's going to be interesting if Andres "Vitorias" Boas will rise up to the pressure or just crack under pressure and fail big time. Being Portuguese lets hope his successful and becomes the "Special II" at Chelsea. Good luck AVB and as a Benfiquista I recommend you take some of your good Porto players with you to London, preferably Radamel "Hitman" Falcao and "O Incrivel" Hulk lol.
To joao and bryan:
44 Tuesday, 21 June 2011 13:43
Joao: I always give credit where credit is do. PDC bribed refs and got caught-end of story! Why do u Portistas still try to deny and defend this? You dont see me defending JJ for his ludicrous comments and physical assaults, do you? Or defending LFVs dumb personnel moves! AVB is a talented young coach, Porto had a great year, ive said it a hundred times. Of course Porto didnt bribe UEFA officials every year, and ýes they dominated Benfica this year, hands down. That all being said, anything and everything Porto ever wins in the PDC era will have that taint of cheating... Dont be angry with me or with other benfiquistas for bringing it up-be angry with your president for his actions.
Bryan- you were on your best behavior for quite sometime, and I know that my comment was kind of probing. However, considering that Porto and AVB kept Braga from winning the ONLY trophy they have ever legitimately had a shot at, i dont understand your position. As a Braga fan, you should be happier than even us benfiquistas that AVB is gone. But since we all know that your agenda is to be anti-benfica above and beyond all else, these pitiful and childish comments are to be expected. Have fun watching Braga sink like a stone this year, and returning to the middle of the pack where they truly belong.
Still can't believe
43 Tuesday, 21 June 2011 13:31
"I've lived experiences outside and can say that I'll not relinquish this chair for anything. About the players, they all have individual ambitions. Now we can not override individual ambitions to collective goals. This is the most important"

"I am very happy here, as this is the club of my heart"

"The Premier League is one of the most exciting in the world. Many of its clubs would envy the titles that FC Porto has won over the years (...) I always dreamed of coaching FC Porto, it's my team, that's the club of my city "

"If I stay 15 years at the club I love, fine for me"

"My future is integrally connected to FC Porto. I do not know the official interest of any of the clubs"

"I am happy at FC Porto, I love the city where I grew up and my club"

"AVB assured me that he wants to continue. He's a Portista like me. He asked me to keep the team for next year. Even if someone hit the clause he does not want to leave."

Chelsea not paid the clause, it was AVB himself who paid the 15 million clause and communicated the end of the contract with the club by fax (!). Did not even have the courage to speak directly with President (the person who bet on him when he was still an unknown).

Do we need "Porto fans" like this? This is not only "money thing" or a "better league", this is about character and ethics of a person. How can change his mind in 5 days and run away one week before starting the pre-season, putting at risk an entire season and a team full of dreams and ambition? This could have been the better team since 87.

He spoke and convinced some players (Falcao, Hulk, Alvaro Pereira ...) to stay in Porto with him next year to play the CL next season... what are their feelings now?

In fact, I'll respect much more Mourinho than AVB because of this attitude. After winning the UEFA, Mourinho chose to stay at least a year and to keep the team (players like Deco and Carvalho, adding McCarthy) to play Champions and for the gratitude to the club (Mou has never been an avowed fan of the club like was AVB). Of course I'll not expect that VB would stay too long, but at least don't play with the faces of the Board, Players and Fans until 5 days before the pre-season, forcing the club to plan the new season over the knee.

This was even worst when they announced Scolari before an important match of Portugal in the WC (against France I think). Someone in Chelsea must think that they can joke with Portugal like it was the third world.

For the same reasons, I wish the same luck as I wished to Scolari at Chelsea. NONE; and I hope he does not even try to return to Porto, not even to watch a friendly match in Dragao. We deserve much more respect than any money in the world. We are a Club, we do not promote individuals.
In fact, and being honest, AVB had already broken a pre agreement with SCP last year saying he wanted to play at the club of his heart. We all believed that and we laugh about SCP. Look now, maybe Chelsea was he’s true unknown club? We as on this “dreams chair” maybe will be in his “dreams throne”.

It was one of the biggest disappointments that I've had in football. Maybe because we thought he was a really Portista like PdC or us… like he said. I am sure that sooner or later would have his time to go on a bigger glory than Mourinho. AVB fell into the trap of money very soon and is completely right that is no longer welcome in Porto. This was not only a loss for Porto. It was for the entire portuguese football that never in life will be competitive like the major leagues.

Number 40: Yes, of course Chelsea is a bigger club than Porto. Even today Man City with 2 FA Cups and one League Cup are much bigger than Porto and Benfica together. Real soon we'll see Malaga and PSG, with the new Sheik owners, much bigger than all the portuguese league together. Is this football? Thank God there is still some real clubs like Barcelona, Liverpool, Man U (without the Glazers), Tottenham, Roma, Napoli, Milan, Ajax …

BTW: can someone tell to Mr Platini if he's worried about the number of foreign at Chelsea or the French Arsenal; the corruption on FIFA (WC in Qatar?) and the amount of dirty money that some club owners have? Last week he seemed very concerned because Porto has many foreigners. We all know that Cristiano Ronaldo, Figo, Rui Costa, Paulo Futre, Nani, Deco, Meireles, Quaresma, Carvalho, Pepe, Moutinho, Veloso, Simao … their dream life would be playing in Portugal their entire careers…
Big loss for Porto
42 Tuesday, 21 June 2011 12:25
Yep looks like hes going now...This will be a big blow for Porto, cause I thought they could really could compete in the champions league next season, (they still can if they can keep hold of there key players e.g. Hulk, Falcao and Moutinho)
Porto might not be as strong this season, so hopefuly Benfica can do well next season..But to be honest I can see Sporting doing well next season with Domingos in charge.
People who are saying Chelsea are a bigger club than Porto are correct, but only because of MONEY not trophies!
Porto have won the champions league twice have Chelsea won it? No. So in that sense Porto is the bigger club. But money in football nowadays does the talking, thats why Manchester City are a big club all of a sudden.
Hopefuly sooner or later football clubs will be more even in terms of Money!
Thank God we got Domingos
41 Tuesday, 21 June 2011 12:24
As a Sporting fan I can only be happy we got Domingos before them, and to AVB for not even hinting this departure with enough time so that Porto could convince Domingos to hold out on a move.

As a Fan of Portuguese football I would of wanted this Porto to play in the Champions, and show that regardless of money and size this league can play some good football (Benfica killed us in the Champions league).

Hopefully Sporting wins the league, Porto does well in the Champions league and Braga can retain good form and maybe even pimp out benfica for a 3rd place spot.
You can't blame AVB
40 Tuesday, 21 June 2011 11:56
Tbh, all porto fans complaining...wake up, chelsea are a bigger club than porto...I'm not surprised that he went there, he is ambitious guy...I'm just surprised he didn't want to go to Benfica ;)
39 Tuesday, 21 June 2011 11:46
I'm laughing about some of these comments. I don't Andre Villas Boas leaving the club is such a big deal, the only thing that disappointed me was how he said he would be coaching us next season but obviously he isn't a true Portista :(. The only problem with him leaving is the possibility of Falcao and co. also going with him. Now I wouldn't have minded this as much before last season but now since I truly felt we had a shot of winning the CL I'm starting to panic. But I'm still confident that with Porto (minus Falcao, Moutinho) would still win the Liga and also do well in the CL. Every year Porto sell at least 2 big stars and as you all know we always find a good replacement! :)
Good luck Porto! Get stuffed Andre !! You have lost all my respect!
Forca Benfica
38 Tuesday, 21 June 2011 11:24
Thanks AVB. You have just handed us the title again! The best team in Portugal will again be at the top!
37 Tuesday, 21 June 2011 11:21
(torpiano, uk)

You sound like a Liverpool fan when you go on about history, its all well and good but it means nothing in the long run.

Lets be fair Portuguesegese league isn't up there with Englishlish, Spanish or even the Italian league, so when a person gets the option to move up in their job they do, you would McDonald's gave you an extra star.
36 Tuesday, 21 June 2011 11:00
He's offered his resignation so looks like he's off then.

And he calls himself a Porto fan? Yeah right...

No true Portista would walk out on his club after just 1 year.

I don't want to see him back at Dragao ever again, but no doubt our paths will cross at some point.

Hopefully Porto will knock Chelsea out of the Champions League next season. Chelsea might have money but they don't have our history.
Spoting's chance to shine?
35 Tuesday, 21 June 2011 10:53
Porto fan’s are really naive if they think they can repeat this success next season without villas boas and possibly without falcao as well?

I’m not too confidant about my team Benfica either, we’re not the same team of 2009-10 and the new signing’s are not good as the one’s who left like Luiz and Di Maria.

So that leaves Sporting with a good new manager, fresh new players and they don’t have the pressure of Porto and Benfica. So I think Sporting have chance to be Portugal’s successful team next season
play with our dream
34 Tuesday, 21 June 2011 07:18
They all play with our dream.Most of the players, Mangers ,Presidents .Every summer i feel like I fallowed a mirage
33 Tuesday, 21 June 2011 01:48
You tell him!
My first thought is he should have waited, but then again
32 Tuesday, 21 June 2011 01:02
How often does this kind of money come up? If he wins he can coach anywhere he wants for more money later. If loses at Chelsea, he'll have enough to live off forever, and can easily get another job at a smaller club after. It's a win win for AVB. It sucks he screwed Porto, because now they' won't have a first choice replacement for him.
31 Monday, 20 June 2011 22:23
Well i hope you fail BOAS your never be a true portista
Villas Boas Departure
30 Monday, 20 June 2011 20:45
If this is true then Porto have a huge struggle to hold onto their top players in the coming two months. Falcao heard about this news as well. Shortly after this announcement Falcao's agent said that Falcao would really like to play for Chelsea(Is this the only player that will want to leave if Villas Boas really does leave? I don't think so, but you guys may have a different perspective)
29 Monday, 20 June 2011 20:38
Right, because Porto has so much stroke that they have enough clout to bribe UEFA for any European glory? If that was the case, I am one pissed of Portista because one would expect Porto bribe everyone and everything EVERY year. I guess PDC picks and chooses when to bribe for European glory? I guess Mourinho is a cheat too? I guess going undefeated this year was because of bribes? I guess the cheque PDC wrote for the 1st game against Benfica at Dragao for the Portuguese Cup didn't clear in time?

That comment epitomizes the typical naive Benfiquista that embarrasses Benfica around the world. If you want to deny Porto's accomplishments by simply passing it off as bribes, not only do I have to question your judgment, I have to question your intelligence.
It's Going to Be Really Hard to Find a Replacement
28 Monday, 20 June 2011 20:31
There are no quality coaches that are free at the moment in Portugal. Porto will have to look abroad. I think Frank Rijkaard would be the best pick since Porto's style of play suits him perfectly.
Porto will be stronger next season, regardless
27 Monday, 20 June 2011 20:00
Andrea Villas Boas is familiar with the Chelsea organization because he worked as a scout for Mourinho when he was Chelsea's coach, so the transition shouldn't be that difficult.

Is Porto's lack of success the previous season due to Villas Boas not being at the helm or was it because Hulk was banned for the better part of the season? I think it's too early to judge how good a coach this young man is.

Whatever happens, I still believe Porto will be even stronger next season.
26 Monday, 20 June 2011 18:26
He's obviously a gifted manager and it was only a matter of time before a bigger club came calling. However, if this is verified, I don't think this was the right move for AVB, in terms of the long-term. Sure, Chelsea is one of the biggest clubs in the world and he will be paid more than he could ever earn in Portugal, but how long do you think Abramovich will wait for him to adapt to the EPL? Does anyone remember what happened to Scolari at Chelsea??

Winning trophies in Portugal makes you a saint. Winning them at Chelsea is expected...every year. So if he is landing in London, he better hit the ground running.
25 Monday, 20 June 2011 18:15
(Paul D./ Canada)

A rising Arsenal, i take it you mean the team that went from finishing 3rd to now finishing 4th, LOL.

Tageingging Chelsea squad, talk about taking too much notice of the media.
Chelsea is a JOKE
24 Monday, 20 June 2011 16:46
If this is true AVB is a sellout with no class at all. One great year and he sells out the Blues still win nothing
He will regret this move
23 Monday, 20 June 2011 16:44
Going to an aging Chelsea squad with a crazy owner. I could see Chelsea finishing fourth next season, behind both Manchesters and a rising Arsenal.
its not been confirmed
22 Monday, 20 June 2011 16:33
this hasnt been confirmed yet. its a lie. its still possible i presume. but we should be looking at a replacement right now just in case he goes. i think we should get some one foreign like frank riijkard or maybe even ancelotti if we can afford him. but hopefully avb doesnt go
benfica is garbage
21 Monday, 20 June 2011 16:22
hey matt/nj/slb must be be a bummer now a days that you guys cant win a euopean trophy since the Salazar days huh?
nothing agreed yet
20 Monday, 20 June 2011 15:18
Sounds like Chelsea haven't offered the buyout clause yet.

I hope like NJ says this is just a ploy to get Hiddink, but there is no smoke without fire so we'll see.

If he does leave I would be willing to take a gamble on Manuel Machado. I think he's very underrated, and he would get a chance to really stick it to that cretin that is Jorge Jesus. Ok he's not young and up and coming like AVB & Domingos is, but at least it means he might stick around for a few years and do a decent job like Jesualdo did.
19 Monday, 20 June 2011 15:14
I'm just going to assume your still butthurt about your team's embarrassing exit at the hands of the WARRIORS of Minho. LOL. I'm guessing your going to say that was Porto's bribing that made you lose.
Dont let the door hit you on the way out....
18 Monday, 20 June 2011 14:15
and please take Sapunaru and Hulk with you... Remember guys-there is no loyalty in football. I myself even started to believe PDC's BS about keeping the team together and adding reinforcements to make a run at the CL.

Dont worry Portitstas, as all is not lost. Even w/o AVB, Hulk, Falcao, etc., Porto can STILL win the CL- they just have to bribe the referees like they did last time!!!! hahahaha
17 Monday, 20 June 2011 14:01
Now I'm sure that Chelsky will do anything to take Hiddink. This is pure distraction. I put my hands in the fire, I'm sure AVB will stay in Porto next season. He's one of us and not a sellout.
Not Win? Reall?
16 Monday, 20 June 2011 13:58
Tonni: "sometimes I just wish that Porto wins nothing because when we won nothing the manager and player lasted much longer."


Let's see win nothing and get killed financially, and by the fans, or win and be an European force? Ummmm.
Why would you want to keep players that don't help you win?
Go ask Sporting fans if they are happy with last season's approach?

We are a selling league and that means managers as well. Winning is all that matters and financial security comes with that winning. Of Course selling your assests makes it harder to, but Porto has been great doing it.

I still think that it won't happen.
Abram had a bad falling out with Mourinho and AVB is a Mourinho disciple.
AVB The Key
15 Monday, 20 June 2011 13:12
I agree with you 100% Torpiano, some times I just wish that Porto wins nothing because when we won nothing the manager and player lasted much longer.

For my opinion since AVB left FC Porto, I think Falcao and also Hulk will leave Porto now that the KEY is Broken.

I was hoping to see the success I saw in 2003/4 but seeing this made me think otherwise.

Lets Hope there is a Good Plan after this move at least.
14 Monday, 20 June 2011 13:06
At least Mourinho had the decency after we won the CL to say he was leaving. You can't promise to stay with the team only to jet off at the first available opportunity. Nothing has been confirmed, but if/when it is, I will look back on the past season as the fruits borne of PDC and his players, not of a backstabbing "Fan".
Not So Fast
13 Monday, 20 June 2011 12:57
I may be a Benfiquista, but this would be a terrible blow for Porto and Portuguese football.
All we've heard is that Porto was going to reinforce the club even more and go for the Champions League. If AVB should leave, it would damage those efforts greatly.
I understand that we are a selling league, and I've been a strong if not supporter, at least a realist to it, but I really wanted to see this squad make a run.

That being said, this is the "Silly Season" and a million different rumors will be thrown out there.
Falcao is now being linked with the move.
I actually don't believe it, and if anything it could be Chelsea's way in putting pressure on the Turkey Federation in regards to releasing Hiddink. Or even on Hiddink himself and his possible salary demands.

I am not a Chelsea supporter, but I would wish AVB all the success in the EPL. Finishing 2nd to Man United isn't so bad.
12 Monday, 20 June 2011 12:36
Man we portuguese sellout pretty dam quick nowadays.
Portugoal a little behind
11 Monday, 20 June 2011 12:29
Now Portugoal must update this article after FC Porto's announcement saying that NOTHING has been agreed yet.
Newspaper Record lies (again)
10 Monday, 20 June 2011 12:22
It could be true in the future, but right now it's a lie. This newspaper don't have credibility. They made a shot in the dark. If villas boas leaves Porto they'll claim the first hand new, if Villas Boas stays, well is just another lie...
9 Monday, 20 June 2011 12:20
I already dislike Chelsea a LOT, only getting worse. Hope it doesn't mean we will be loosing our our star players hoping to be part of the AVB's Porto team in CL. Damn
Lolz this is too much
8 Monday, 20 June 2011 12:16
It's too late for Porto sign Paciencia now.
7 Monday, 20 June 2011 11:33
Well deserved.. great Manager.. PDC is good at discovering great Managers I am sure he will have a couple up his sleeve.

Hopefully this doesn't tear up the team.. as a lot of the players really liked him.. some might choose to leave now.. wouldn't like to see that except for the douchey one.

I wish AVB all the best at Chelsea.
6 Monday, 20 June 2011 10:53
This sucks for Porto supporters. However, please, do not despair.

Pinto da Costa and Jesualdo Ferreira structurally made this Porto team. This dates back about two years or so. The ginger dynamo took Jesualdo's team and made them unstoppable.

Pinto da Costa and his staff are behind the transfers. Porto are a fiscally and athletically uber sucessful club. The necessary measures will be taken to maintain status quo. That is the Porto way.

Good for Andre to tackle the EPL, he will suceed. His English is impeccable and the Brits love him.

This will open up a massive opportunity for someone to lead Porto and it will hopefully make it easier for for SCP to win the title.

As proud Portuguese football enthusiasts, we can never have enough Portuguese coaches heading EPL teams.

Boa Sorte Andre, and this makes me happy beacuase I am SCP, but I also support CFC.
money talks
5 Monday, 20 June 2011 10:31
Not even the decency to stay for a second season, unbelievable. Once again we are a victim of our own success. He says he is a Porto fan, but is only willing to manage his club for one season before running off to where the money is.

If he goes then it could destabalise the club for the rest of the summer now, with big name players potentially leaving.

Anyway, enjoy your one season at Chelsea, because if you don't win the Premier League or Champions League there's a fair chance you'll be sacked, and maybe you'll come crawling back to Porto this time next year?

For such a young manager this is a very big challenge, a risky one. He is only slightly older than some of the big names in the Chelsea team, like Drogba, Terry, Lampard, Anelka

The perfect replacement would have been Domingos, but we lose out there too.
4 Monday, 20 June 2011 10:26
i hope its a true story cos i cant wait to see him coach my darling club
3 Monday, 20 June 2011 10:22
cant believe it....
2 Monday, 20 June 2011 10:12
I hope chealsea dosent win the champions for 1000 years
1 Monday, 20 June 2011 10:05
Dam you roman!

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