Football is the world’s most famous sport, and it is the sport of choice of a great many sports punters as well. Especially popular in Europe, betting on football can be an incredibly profitable enterprise, so long as you know how to do it.

Getting started on football betting is far from easy, though. This form of gambling requires dedication, investment, and persistence. As you gain experience, your intuition will improve and you will be able to make more correct predictions.

But experience is not the only thing that can help you become a better football punter. In fact, you can substantially improve your betting strategy by simply following some basic football betting tips.


  1. Search for the best odds

You might find shopping around boring and unhelpful, but you just have to do it when you search sites for football betting. As you know, the higher the odds, the bigger the payout. What you may have missed, however, is that odds are different at each bookmaker. Having said that, shopping around for the best odds is sensible, as it rewards you with bigger payouts.

In this line of thought, sticking to one bookmaker is virtually pointless. Even if the bookie of your choosing offers the best odds for a number of matches, it is highly unlikely that their odds will remain the best for long.


  1. Watch as many matches as possible

An obvious one, we know. And yet, you will be surprised by the number of football bettors who wager on football, but do not follow the sport. So, why is it important to follow the action closely?

First of all, by watching football matches, you can take part in the most exciting football betting market – the live betting market. What is more important, however, is that following the action provides an invaluable insight into teams and players’ style, condition, and determination – important factors  to consider when placing a bet.

As you watch more and more games, you will improve your analytic abilities. In time, you will be able to make more accurate predictions about the outcome of different matches, which, of course,  will result in placing more winning bets.


  1. Always search for value

As you know, odds are based on the probability of occurrence of a certain outcome; the higher the odds, the more unlikely it is for that outcome to actually occur. But what happens when the odds offered by the bookmaker represent a probability that is lower than the actual probability of an outcome occurring? In such a situation, you can place what is called a value bet.

If you want to become a professional football punter, you should always search for value when betting, as it leads to huge profits


  1. Avoid betting on accumulators

Favoured by beginners in particular, accumulators are a type of football wager which allows you to bet on as many fixtures as you like. Most commonly, you will be asked to choose a match winner, but as the market is diverse, you may be offered a number of other betting options. What makes accumulators an appealing betting market is the huge potential payout – here, you can stake as little as £1 and have the potential to win more than £500,000, depending on the bookmaker and the number of selected fixtures.

If you find accumulators’ payouts too good to be true, you are right. As a matter of fact, there is a reason for the odds to be set so high – actually winning an accumulator bet, especially one which involves a wide selection of matches, is nearly impossible. You see, all you need for your whole wager to lose is one wrong prediction. For example, if you bet on 10 matches and just one of them goes wrong, your entire accumulator is lost.

To make money by betting on football, avoid betting on accumulators – the risk is simply not worth it.


  1. Keep emotions at bay

Finally, if you want to be a successful football punter, learn how not to mix emotions with betting. This is easier said than done, though.

Whenever your favourite team plays, you want them to win, regardless of how (im)possible that may be. If you do not learn how to leave emotions out of betting, however, you are highly likely to put money on your favourite team even if they have no chance of winning the match. Conversely, should you base your bets on hard facts and not on emotions, you increase your chances to win.

Our advice – avoid betting on fixtures that involve one of your favourite teams, that is the easiest way to keep emotions at bay.

By Joshua Rowley


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