What types of bet do Portuguese football fans stake?

Football has the highest number of fans today, making it the most popular sport globally. Portugal is one of the countries where football is highly embraced. Aside from the fact that numerous Portuguese are fans of the sport, they have a keen interest in betting on it internationally and locally.

Every football bettor has a special type of bet they stake. This is because they always settle with the one that works best for them. This is also applicable to Portuguese football fans. There are some types of bets that are common in Portugal. In this article, we'll explore these types one after the other. Continue reading. 

Six types of bets that Portuguese football fans stake 

As a Portuguese football fan, there are several types of bets you can choose from betting apps. Below are some common types in Portugal.

1. Double chance 

This type of bet involves choosing who you think will win. Unlike Match Results, where bettors can only choose one outcome from Home Win, Draw, and Away Win, double chance, as the name implies, allows punters to cover two outcomes (Away Win or Draw, Home Win or Draw, or Either Away or Home Win). Portuguese football fans opt for this type because it increases their winning chances.

2. Match result

Match Result is a popular and simple type of bet. It involves choosing which teams will win after the final whistle or if the match will end as a draw. There are three outcomes when you opt for Match Result. These include Home Win (1), Draw (X), and Away Win (2). Before making this bet, it’s essential to look at the match in-depth and make informed decisions on higher odds selections by using statistics and the latest/relevant match details.

3. Over/Under bet

Over or Under Bet is a common type that offers Portuguese football fans consistent betting outcomes. Over 2.5 Goals is a simple and most popular Overs bet type. All you need to win is for the number of goals to be not less than 3 at the end of the match. The team that scores or when the goals go in does not matter here. 

Moreover, you should know that bookmakers offer several types of Overs bet now. These types are from Over 0.5 to more than 7.5. So, you don’t always have to pick 2.5 when you choose to play Over goal bets.

4. Accumulator

The accumulator is also known as the Acca. It is trendy among Portuguese football bettors. Accumulator is a large multi-match wager that offers bettors the chance to get rich. What you do here is combine four or more (up to 20) selections. Bookmakers offer this opportunity because they know bettors will be interested in more selections. But the sad part is that their chances of winning may be low. The overall odds go higher as you add more selections, but your chances of winning drop. However, you will enjoy this type when your stakes are small.

5. Both teams to score (BTTS)

Among punters worldwide, BTTS remains the favourite type of bet. Portuguese football fans find it simple but may see it as challenging when it comes to winning sometimes. To win the bet, both teams must score at least a goal before the final whistle is blown. With your personal knowledge of the league and teams or accessing great statistics, you can be the lucky winner through this bet. Another way to boost your chances of winning this bet is to use a specific tool to find the games where both teams scoring is more likely.

6. Bet builders

Bet Builder is a common type of bet among Portuguese football fans. It’s a popular way that involves adding a combination of Goal bet lines, Cards, Corners, and several other variables.  Like most types of bet, your success rate is high if you have access to a reliable statistical tool and the right betting knowledge. 


Aside from the aforementioned bet types that Portuguese football fans stake, there are more (including Scorecast, Goal Scorer, Correct Score, Half-Time or Full-Time, and Draw No Bet). It is advisable that before you stake any of the bets, ensure you have equipped yourself with sufficient knowledge of the teams or have access to great statistics. With this, you can boost your chances of winning.