Exclusive João Mário interview

Sporting midfielder João Mário has been widely considered the best midfielder in the Liga NOS this season.

The Portugal international spoke exclusively to PortuGOAL at the Future of Football international congress organized by Sporting.

Mário talks about his meteoric rise in Portuguese football, coach Jorge Jesus, the title race, Euro 2016, Portugal's new golden generation, Cristiano Ronaldo and a possible move to English football in the future.




To listen to the interview (in Portuguese) click on the play button. English translation provided below.


PortuGOAL: Two years ago you were on loan at Vitória de Setúbal. Since then you've returned to Sporting where you are an undisputed starter, you are considered the best midfielder playing in Portugal this season and you've earned a place in the Portugal national team. Two years ago did you think this was possible?

João Mario: A footballer's life goes through several phases. I always believed I could play for Sporting and be a good asset for the club. Fortunately things are going well. We're fighting for the title, and that's the most important thing in a footballer's career.


PortuGOAL: Last year was a good year for you, but this season you've taken your game to another level. What role did Jorge Jesus play in that? What is he like to work with?

João Mário: He's an excellent coach. I knew I'd learn a lot with him. He's a very experienced coach who knows Portuguese football inside out. He's somebody who manages to get the most out of a player's potential. I'm very pleased I've been able to work with him this season and I've learned a lot from him.


PortuGOAL: Last week you said it was only a matter of time before Sporting would go top. It happened on Saturday, but then Benfica won again and claimed first place. Do you still believe Sporting can win the title?

João Mário: Yes, we really believe this, not only me, but the entire team and the club as a whole and all the fans have a lot of belief we can do it. We'll do everything we can to win these four finals in the belief that our rival will drop points.


PortuGOAL: Turning to Euro 2016, what are your expectations for Portugal ahead of the tournament in France?

João Mário: Above all I hope I'm picked for the tournament. Anything can happen. As our national team coach has said several times, we can dream and we believe we can win the trophy. We know there will be excellent teams there, but in football nothing is impossible, and that's what we'll base our hard work on to achieve our goals.


PortuGOAL: Portugal have a group of players of great potential at the moment: yourself, William, Danilo, Bernardo Silva, André Gomes, Renato Sanches... Do you think it's another golden generation?

João Mário: I don't know if it's another golden generation, but it's without doubt a very good generation. The team has been a mixture of these new players who have emerged and more experienced players. I think it can be a perfect combination, and if everything goes well we can achieve great things in this upcoming European Championship.


PortuGOAL: In Portugal's last game against Belgium you were considered man of the match and provided an assist for Cristiano Ronaldo to score. What's it like playing and training with Ronaldo?

João Mário: It's an incredible experience being able to be next to someone who I consider to be the best player in the world. He's an example for all young players in Portugal and beyond. I was very happy to be able to help him score another goal for Portugal. It's not only my objective, but it's also all my team-mates' to help him contribute and make the difference.


PortuGOAL: Let's imagine you have an excellent tournament in France. It's inevitable Sporting will receive offers for you. Are you ready to make the jump to one of Europe's major leagues?

João Mário: In football anything's possible. At the moment my focus is fully on the ambitions of my club. Depending on the Euro and depending on the future anything can happen, we all have the ambition to play in the major leagues and I'm no exception, but at the moment it's something I don't think much about.


PortuGOAL: There has been a lot of speculation about an alleged interest from Atletico Madrid and Manchester United. Which is the league that most interests you?

João Mário: The league I like the most and I've always liked the most is the English league. It's the league I like the most but that doesn't mean I think about that one alone. There are plenty of excellent leagues, the Spanish league is a great league, the German one too. I always try and watch foreign games because you can always learn something new. They are leagues with a different level of competitiveness, so I try and take something from every one to improve aspects of my game.


Tom Kundert was asking the questions.