Just as things seem to be taking a turn for better on the pitch for FC Porto, prospects of a longer-term revival have been hit by the news the club are aiming to raise a staggering 116 million euros in player sales during and after the current season.

A forecast in the consolidated financial accounts for 2016/17, published on Wednesday, lists the astronomical figure from prospective outgoing transfers, which is required to cover costs.

According to the figures, even if this sum is achieved Porto’s expenditure is so high that it will lead to a profit of barely €3 million.

Three years of poor performance and no trophies have led to a reduction in operating income, during a time in which the wage bill has never been higher.

The recently reported results for the last financial year make for grim reading, with a loss of €58m, and the club is worried that it will fall foul of UEFA’s financial fair play rules.


Porto plan to raise €115,781 through player sales


And yesterday’s news has got people wondering who will be sold to raise the money needed to balance the books.

Meanwhile, Porto coach Nuno Espírito Santo insists the news about possible player sales will not affect his work. Speaking ahead of Saturday’s trip to Vitória Setúbal, Nuno said: “This is something that has no bearing on the coaching staff. Our job is to prepare the players as well as we can to make sure we have a competitive team.”

Porto will be aiming for a 5th straight win against the Sadinos, ahead of a crucial week in which they host Club Brugge in the Champions League and Liga NOS leaders Benfica in the space of four days.

by Tom Kundert


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  1. Chris

Well, on one hand this is not surprising, but it is very disappointing. I believe some of this was inevitable after Antero Henrique, once Pinto's right hand man, was booted from the club. From a storyboard point of view, you could see the...

Well, on one hand this is not surprising, but it is very disappointing. I believe some of this was inevitable after Antero Henrique, once Pinto's right hand man, was booted from the club. From a storyboard point of view, you could see the signs:

1. Club invests in scouting and academy
2. Club brings in good coaching talent but supplements this with brilliant players
3. Club enjoys prolonged period of success
4. Club President and administration get stagnant and let everyone else catch up
5. Club sells off all major players after every season, without proper process of transitioning in new players
6. Club lets good coaches go for no real reason, creates revolving door vaccum
7. Club continues to sell quality players at much faster rate than it develops new stars
8. Club administration pocket bucketloads of cash
9. Club fails to win anything of significance for 3 straight seasons
10. Club administration scratch their heads at what could possibly have gone wrong

The main problem is that Pinto does not want to let go of the reigns, and that is the real issue. Things with him in charge could turn around, but the issue of a power vacuum once he leaves is a real problem. He should have already groomed a replacement by now, and many thought he had done so with Antero, but it seems like the godfather does not want to let the club go.

The issue with being the Chairman/Prez of one of the big 3 is that you cannot go into it with your eyes closed. You cannot be a die-hard fan with no finance or negotiation skills. You cannot be a loud-mouthed lout like BdC if you cannot produce results. It requires real finesse, and a mind for navigating the politics of leadership, player egos/expectations, coaching staff and biggest of all, fan expectations. It is no easy job and not simply enough to "bleed blue".

Vitor Baia seems an obvious choice for many to eventually replace Pinto, and as much as I love the guy, I am not sure it is a good idea. He was a player his whole career, I think he would succeed in the areas of fan and player expectations, but things like negotiations, business development and policy litigation would be unfamiliar territory. This is a real problem looking down the road of the club's future. There needs to be a respect of the old ways of Porto, the winning mentality and club identity, but there must also be some fresh new ideas and initiatives that help drive the club back to the top of Portugal and European contention.

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