Belenenses played some nice football in patches in Lisbon tonight but ended up on the wrong side of a 4-0 thrashing at the hands of Benfica.

After the match PortuGOAL caught up with midfielders Vítor Gomes and Robert Ahman-Persson and centre-back Domingos Duarte for their thoughts on the match.

Watch and read translations of the video interviews here.


Vitor Gomes interview after Benfica 4-0 Belenenses. For translation in English see below.

PortuGOAL: Do you think 4-0 was too harsh a scoreline given what happened in the match tonight?

Vítor Gomes: Yes, we came here to play good football, like we've been playing. We didn't come here to park the bus. Curiously, Benfica scored their first goal from a mistake from us. But these things happen. Afterwards we played well the rest of the first half, then in the second half we had a chance with Miguel Rosa's shot against the post, which could have given us the equaliser and turned it into a completely different game as Benfica scored straight after.

PortuGOAL: Exactly. Do you think that was the key moment?

Vítor Gomes: Yes, that was definitely the key moment. Afterwards Benfica were superior to us, they controlled the game and built a bigger lead. Congratulations to Benfica.

PortuGOAL: How has the adaptation been playing with Ahman-Persson in midfield?

Vítor Gomes: Persson is a good player. He's been growing and adapting well, the squad welcomed him well. He's feeling more confident and will improve even more with games, which is what he needs. But he's done well, and just as well for us.

PortuGOAL: Belenenses have been playing with more confidence and getting better results lately. Can Belenenses dream of making Europe this season?

Vítor Gomes: Yes, we have 32 points now. I think we don't have to worry about relegation. Now we're going to work hard to get as high as possible (in the table). If it's possible to qualify for Europe, why not? Who doesn't want to get to Europe? Belenenses wants to too. We're within our objectives for the season. Let's do the sums at the end of the season and I hope, as do all Belenenses fans, that we qualify for Europe.


Robert Ahman-Persson interview after Benfica 4-0 Belenenses.


Domingos Duarte interview after Benfica 4-0 Belenenses. For translation in English see below.

PortuGOAL: 4-0 is a heavy defeat. Perhaps too heavy given the game. What are your thoughts?

Domingos Duarte: For most of the first half I think we were on top. In the second half we started very well, but with the quality they have they ended up scoring two goals, and from then onwards we dropped our level a bit and things fell apart. But I think 4-0 is too wide a margin given the game we played, especially in the first half.

PortuGOAL: Belenenses have played well lately and got positive results. Will this result knock back the squad?

Domingos Duarte: No, not at all. We'll be playing against Braga on Saturday with the same goal to win the match.

PortuGOAL: Personally, did you expect to play so much when you came to Belenenses?

Domingos Duarte: When a player arrives at a (new) team the aim is always to play. I prepared for that. The coaches have selected me. I've played. 

PortuGOAL: Have you had any feedback from Sporting?

Domingos Duarte: They've called me once or twice and told me to continue (playing) like this.

PortuGOAL: Do you anything about next season?

Domingos Duarte: No, when next season comes we'll see. For now I'm focused only on this season.

PortuGOAL: What's your opinion of how Palhinha has done since he left Belenenses and returned to Sporting?

Domingos Duarte: Palhinha, as we all know, is a great player, and he's going through an adaptation phase. For any player who goes to Sporting and starts working with Jorge Jesus it's not easy. He's got his ideas and Palhinha has to adapt to them. I think Jorge Jesus will help Palhinha grow and it will be good for him.


Tom Kundert and Tiago Estêvão were asking the questions.

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  1. Val

This is going to sound harsh.

Beleneneses is the number 1 unwatchable side in Portugal. It is near impossible to sit through one of their games. Heck even Tondela and Feirense go out every week and try to win and entertain. Not Belenenses. No...

This is going to sound harsh.

Beleneneses is the number 1 unwatchable side in Portugal. It is near impossible to sit through one of their games. Heck even Tondela and Feirense go out every week and try to win and entertain. Not Belenenses. No wonder they play to empty stands.

This is something that has bothered me for a long time. All the squads in Portugal only seem to try to play to their potential against the big three. Every other week its 0-0, 1-0 games of ultra-boredom. Braga and Setubal v Benfica. Guimaraes and Moireriense v Sporting. Setubal and Tondela v Porto. Where is this drive to win the rest of the season?

If Braga played like they do against Benfica a couple weeks back every week, they would be in third position.

Belenenses have scored 19 goals, that is ridiculously low amount considering where in the table and they talk of getting to Europe? Only Nacional and Tondela have scored fewer. Belenenses have scored 3 goals in their last 6 games and they came to Lisbon to play? Right…

So I appreciate the interviews very much but they are not being honest or they are delusional when claiming they came here to win. They came to the Luz for the 0-0 or at best 1-1 tie. For a neutral, that is a horrific mentality and game plan considering their talent on a per position basis when compared to their immediate rivals. Such a waste of talent on this team in my opinion. This reflects right back to the coach. Same with Braga. What a huge drop-off at Braga when they lost Paulo Fonseca, then Jose Peseiro.

Chaves came to the Luz to WIN. Guimaraes went to the Alvalade to WIN. Belenenses did not.

These teams can talk all the nonsense they like, this stuff appeals only to the blind rabid fanbase of said squads. To anyone with eyes of their own and a normal functioning brain, we see them for what they are.

I would like to end on a positive note. Thank God for Boavista and and Miguel Leal who attack for 90 minutes every game and leave it all on the pitch. Boavista truly is the only squad outside the big 3 who can eventually claim a toehold up there if they continue to grow and develop. The mentality is different with Boavista and you see it on the pitch.

They have made massive strides considering how far they fell and they also have the only rightful claim to dethroning the three-headed-dragon that is the Portuguese league every year.

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Rony Lopes
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