The Seleção Podcast: We are on the Road to Euro 2024

In episode 84 of the Seleção Podcast, host Danny Pinto is joined by Tom Kundert of

They discuss Roberto Martínez’s squad call-ups for the upcoming friendlies against Sweden (3/21) and Slovenia (3/26).

Danny and Tom also talk about who they think may already be locks for EURO 2024 and who may have a chance to play themselves into the squad. 

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The answer to the question about the five father-son combinations who have previously played for Portugal’s senior national team:

  • Domingos Paciência (34 caps) – Gonçalo Paciência (2 caps)
  • António André (20 caps) – André André (3 caps)
  • António Veloso (40 caps) – Miguel Veloso (56 caps)
  • José Águas (25 caps) – Rui Águas (31 caps)
  • António Morato (1 cap) – António Morato (6 caps)