Predictions from betting sites for the Portuguese National Team for Euro 2024

Fans are becoming more and more delighted as Euro 2024 draws close. All eyes mirror the Portuguese national squad, who have won all their 10 matches, conceding only two and scoring 36 goals. In light of their recent performances, there has been considerable speculation about the Portuguese National Team's prospects at Euro 2024. Hence, top soccer betting sites in Australia have closely monitored the teams’ trajectory predicting a solid performance from Portugal in Euro 2024.

Analysts support Portugal’s advancement to at least the quarter-finals. Among various forecasts, the largest soccer league bookmakers say Portugal could reach the final. So, let us explore the Portuguese National Team’s performance in the upcoming tournament and how you can make informed betting decisions based on their analyses.

Portugal Euro 2024 squad

Portugal Euro 2024 brags a group that’s loaded with skills and know-how. At the wheel is Roberto Martínez, their coach, who has been a revelation since his appointment in 2023, replacing Fernando Santos. Portuguese superstar Cristiano Ronaldo is another key figure. Evidence that his time is not done, and that injuries will not defeat him, is noticeable with Martínez managing him properly.

Portugal’s Euro 2024 squad features many of the world’s top-rated players: Bruno Fernandes, Bernardo Silva, João Félix, Rúben Dias, Rafael Leão and Diogo Jota. Rising stars such as Vitinha, João Neves and Gonçalo Ramos also have a place in this troop.

Martínez has proved that the Portugal squad is versatile, which is one of its key strengths. They could easily fit into any formation and play style. Every position has depth and quality, thus giving Portugal a rare advantage over its rivals. This squad consists of players who are experienced and those who are relatively young.

Portugal appears prepared to make history at Euro 2024, where the nation will chase their second European Championship after the Euro 2016 triumph. The major challengers will be teams like France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Belgium, and England. But with confidence, skill and passion, the Seleção are ready to meet any challenge and lift a trophy in Germany next summer.

Ronaldo and Pepe

Portugal’s Ronaldo and Pepe will be in the twilight of their careers at Euro 2024. Ronaldo, an ageless football icon, said “I hope to be at Euro 2024. There is still plenty of time, and I hope I won’t face any problems or injuries. I hope to play.” The deep affection for his homeland is evident when he says, “Portugal will always be my home, even though I left early. In every stadium in Portugal, I receive support.”

Coach Roberto Martínez, conversely, is hopeful about Pepe’s comeback after an injury. He stated, “His goal and our objective is to be fit in these matches.” Martínez also lauded Pepe’s professionalism and experience by saying, “Pepe is an exemplary professional. He has a great deal of experience.”

Portugal manager: Roberto Martínez

Roberto Martínez, Portugal’s manager, is a big deal in football, and his influence is undeniable. Trophies may not be his thing, but he’s made a mark. Predictions are coming in from Australia’s top soccer online betting sites, and they’re forecasting an exciting Euro 2024 concerning Portugal under Martínez.

Since 2023, Martínez’s stint with Portugal has been impressive, and their Euro 2024 qualifying campaign was their best ever. Surprisingly, Portugal isn’t a top pick for victory at Euro 2024, but this underdog status could be Portugal’s secret weapon.

Martínez’s tactical flexibility is evident in his management of Portugal’s team, where he has blended young talent with experienced players. Bruno Fernandes has surfaced as a pivotal player under Martínez, and was the star of the qualifying campaign. This underdog status could be their ticket to winning their second European Championship.

Is Portugal a favorite for Euro 2024?

Online sports betting bookmakers favour England, France, Germany, and Spain over Portugal for Euro 2024. But Portugal’s chances of 8/1 based on varied soccer betting site networks may be a perfect bet. Being an underdog might work in their favour, reducing pressure, and this group, steered by Euro 2016 icons Ronaldo and Pepe, is powerful and inspired. They might well make Euro 2024 a second continental victory. Coach Martínez could be a path to this victory as he guided Portugal to a sound qualification campaign with ten wins out of ten matches, thirty-six goals, and only 2 conceded – an exceptional record.

How many players is Portugal free to take to Euro 2024?

Finalizing how many players Portugal will be free to carry to Euro 2024 is still early. Nonetheless, UEFA have intimated they will revert to the typical 23-man squad.

The 2021 European Championship was the first major tournament to increase the number to 26 players, in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak that necessitated this extraordinary step. World Cup in Qatar also featured 26-player teams.

It is expected, however, that Euro 2024 will go back to a smaller squad of 23 footballers, although official confirmation has yet to be received. 





  • What amount will Euro 2024 tickets cost?

Ticket costs related to Euro 2024 differ as they change with stages and games. They are as follows:

  1. Group Stage: 30.00 to 200.00 euros.
  2. Opening Games: 50.00 up to 600.00 euros.
  3. Round of 16: 50.00 to 250.00 euros.
  4. Quarter-finals: 60.00 to 300.00 euros.
  5. Semi-finals: 80.00 to 600.00 euros.
  6. Final: 95.00 to 1000.00 euros.
  • Will Portugal’s Euro 2024 squad include Ronaldo?

Most definitely yes, barring injury. He was among Portugal’s key players during Euro 2024 qualification and has no intention of quitting the game any time soon. Ronaldo scored 10 goals in Portugal’s perfect Group J journey, making him the second top scorer across all nations in the qualification phase. Despite his extraordinary achievements, his level of ambition remains undimmed and he dreams of leading his country to victory in this tournament again.