The Seleção Podcast: Derek Rae of Fox Sports on Euro 2024, Portugal and German culinary tips

In Episode 90, host Danny Pinto is joined once again by international play-by-play announcer Derek Rae, who is working EURO 2024 for FOX Sports in the U.S.

Danny and Derek discuss a range of issues surrounding the tournament and the participation of the Seleção in it. 

  • Differences between the World Cup in Qatar in 2022 (Derek’s first appearance on the podcast) to being in a historically soccer-rich country like Germany
  • His broadcast partnership with former England goalkeeper Robert Green at EURO 2024
  • He and his colleagues’ perception of Portugal heading into the tournament compared to heading into the knockout rounds
  • His work on the EA Sports FC 24 (formerly FIFA) video game
  • And a surprising culinary go-to in Germany

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